About JT

Hi! I'm JT. Welcome to my sex and relationship blog.

I've been an active participant and sometimes organizer in the BDSM and Leather communities for over 4 years. This blog orginally started just before I entered the scene, and chronicles my adventures, mistakes, hopes, and fears.

A writer by training and developer by trade, I'm a software engineer in the startup healthcare space by day and my nights are spent writing about my cultual and sexual deviancy. Addionally, I am a Zen Buddhist, mental health advocate, and vehement anti-fascist.

Since this is a sex and relationship blog, I suppose there's use in identifying what kind of sex and relationships I prefer to engage in. The broad labels I identify with are below.

  • Pansexual: I'm attracted to a variety of people across gender and sex spectrums.
  • Sadomasochist: I enjoy both giving and recieving pain for both sexual pleasure and general endorphon high.
  • Slave: I wish to someday serve and be collared to a Master or Mistress with whom I can build a life and trust completely.
  • Polyamorous: I can, do, and have loved multiple people at the same time. Love is abundant. Time and energy are not.
  • Leatherman: I am a radical sexual outlaw and particpate in a community of like-minded individuals to both grow and help others grow in all aspects of life.