September 2, 2016 - 2 minute read -
master-slave relationships

Since our first 'trial run' weekend back at the beginning of July, T-Rex and I have slowly grown our relationship. We're taking it pretty slow because both of us have had a lot of false starts in authority-based relationships and we want to make sure we are compatible.

While we aren't a perfect match (not that I believe in perfect matches anyways), I feel confident that we match up in most of the right spots. Our outlook on D/s, Leather, even play, match up well, and most importantly I want to serve her - and not serve her out of obligation to dynamic I agreed to. I feel a natural affinity towards her and serving her, perhaps in a way I haven't in previous D/s explorations.

That the relationship is neither romantic or sexual in nature is perhaps my biggest internal struggle as my ideal power exchange relationship would include both. That said, not worrying about those aspects allow me to focus on the service, which is the core of our relationship.

The distance is hard as well. She lives 90 minutes away on a good day, meaning I can't just pop over on a whim and our time is limited. We are exploring ways I can serve at a distance - learning new skills, doing research, and similar. And when I do get to serve in person I value the time her that much more. If anyone has additional ideas for how I might serve form a distance, please comment below.

One way we concocted to help stay connected in a simple ritual where I affirm my trust and willingness to serve when we are able to be together in person. It's not long, but I wrote it from the heart and really helps me recenter on a service headspace. I start by kneeling before her and reciting the following:

Good morning Domina

I kneel before to reaffirm my trust in you

To surrender my authority to you and

To serve you in what ways you deem fit

Four simple lines, but the intent and emotion behind them are very powerful for me.

As we continue to suss out our dynamic, I am hoping to find more time to see her in person, deepen my service and submission to her and help each other grow in our respective roles.